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Why the closing of AAP medianet is not the end for publicists

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Why the closing of AAP medianet is not the end for publicists

AAP (Australian Associated Press) has announced it is shutting down after 85 years.

Yes, 500 jobs will be lost across all the many divisions.

It is a shame. Definitely. Medianet owned by AAP was a fantastic service that I used a lot and it helped my clients get coverage.

I’ll miss it the convenience and affordability fo this offering.



The end of AAP does not mean Game Over.

This does not spell the end. What it does spell is F O C U S

We need to create targeted communications that are directed to the writers, bloggers, journalists, radio presenters, newsrooms and media producers who will specifically be interested in our subject.

It’s time to say goodbye to the scattergun approach. That is what is dead. The blanket release that was an ad in disguise should have been long dead anyway.

We need to reach the right people directly with material that is of interest to them. Material that helps them do their jobs.

I don’t believe the end of AAP means the end of sending media releases. We just need to have our own lists and contacts of those who’ll be specifically receptive to our message.

This means we need to focus on our end goal. What are we trying to achieve. What is our objective? If the objective is to send a media release, then perhaps the objective is really only to get a backlink. If that is the case, there are many other media release distribution services who can fulfil that goal, such as

If our objective is to reach a specific section of people, there are other ways aside from AAP Media Net.

This is a reminder that we need to get back to basics.

Define the Problem

If we define the problem well, the story is compelling. Our message will trumpet through. We have a market need? Show the evidence. Where are the statistics? Get an infor]graphic that does the job.

Tell the Story

Where is the pain felt? What is it like to have the problem that you are sending a media release about?

Get the first-hand point of view and people will relate.

If you can get the stats, the story and the solution, you will get the attention.

You may only need to make a bloig article, a video, a slide deck and distribute the link to the media personell who are interested in that topic.

So, really, it’s sad that AAP has closed. I mean that. As a commercial venture it was no longer viable. I get that.

But it isn’t the end of the world. I see it as a sharpening of focus.

Write a better media release.

Danielle Spinks-Earl

Author & Manager, My Virtual Marketing Manager. MMktg | BACS