Where should I buy a domain name?

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Where should I buy a domain name?

For a fast and easy way to look up a domain name, see if it is available, buy it, then link it to your hosting, I recommend Crazy Domains.

The reason I recommend them is based on:

  1. Ease of doing things
  2. Support and customer services
  3. The prices are excellent and highly competitive
  4. The speed and responsiveness of customer services, as well as the servers, is very good


Easy to check availability and then buy

Crazy Domains is easy to do business with. I recommend them for domain names. This is where you buy your website address. For example, Jane Smith can buy janesmithjazzercise.com if it is available.

How do you know if the domain name you want is available? You can run a search straight away on the Crazy Domains homepage and you’ll find out. If it’s free, you’ll see all the options available for .com, .com.au, .org. .io and so on. You can buy the domain with an extension of .com.au for Australia, .com.cn for China, .com.uk for the UK, .com.jp for Japan. You want to buy all of them and pursue your dream of world domination? Go for it. It won’t cost much.

Pay with a credit card and get all the details you need to start making the website within a few minutes. If you are hosting somewhere else, you will need to pay attention to the DNS servers names as you will key these into your host.

If you want an easy way to build the website yourself, you can also use the easy-to-use Web Builder software they have built in and available with hosting purchases.


Quality Technical Support

If you need any support to buy your domain or how to link it to your website, Crazy Domains also offers great support by phone and email.  They can be phoned, emailed or you can ‘live chat’ for help and any problems are usually solved immediately. That’s really important because if something does go wrong, even if it’s your fault and you’re inexperienced, you want to fix it right away.


Price of Domains

Among all the different web hosts I have seen and used, the prices for domain names are often wildly exorbitant, which I have never understood. Why would I pay $80 or more for a domain when I can get one for two years for $24. Isn’t a domain name a commodity item? You own it or you don’t. Surely there is no additional value from the more expensive domain is offering.


Speed of Transactions and Support, 

All the transactions happen in seconds as the website infrastructure is watertight. I have never had a delay. The email notifications come through immediately so it is much faster than working with an old school domain provider which does things manually. If anything goes wrong, you have the support on hand.

Go to Crazy Domains

Should I buy multiple domains for my website?

You certainly can, especially if it is easy to make a mistake when entering the address. For example, janesmithjazzercise.com might also consider getting janesmith.com if it were available. She might also consider JSjazzercise.com as well. With multiple domain names, you can link all of them to the one website so you don’t lose these people when they try to find you online. The most important thing is to promote your website using just one of these names so as not to confuse people. Use the simplest one and link a few more if you think it will be worthwhile.

Your domain name is like the front door of your business so choosing the right one is important. If it isn’t available, other options around. Some of them might be even better than your first idea.

Good luck on your search and enjoy registering your digital business address.