Website Design

WordPress is perfect for web design due to its famously simple back-end. That means when you get a finished website, you can manage it yourself.

WordPress is also so versatile and robust, that it is popular among many of the world’s top businesses.

Website Inclusions

When we build you a website, you will get:

  • Theme (professional template) that is high quality and peer-reviewed
  • Responsive website (adapts to phones and tablets)
  • Stock photos you choose
  • Copyediting (ensuring there are no typographical and spelling errors)
  • Domain name (2 years)
  • Website hosting (2 years)
  • Email accounts (up to 5)
  • Premium security
  • Spam filter
  • Automated Backups
  • Google Analytics installed
  • Accessibility features (for website visitors with visual impairment)
  • Personalised interactive PDF user manual for the website
  • Short instructional videos as to how to perform key tasks such as logging in, editing text, adding images, running backups, and updating plugins.
  • Your content wishes, such as:
    • an Events calendar
    • Bookings functionality
    • Paypal integration
    • Forums
    • Membership area
    • Galleries
    • Videos

Already have a website?

We can build you a new website while your current site remains live and uninterrupted.

If you already have a registered domain and website hosting, we can build the new site in a subdirectory of your current site.

This means you will not have to pay for a domain name and web hosting for the new website.

When you are happy, we transfer it to the live site so that there are no interruptions.

We conduct testing to ensure it is a smooth transition and will resolve any issues as a matter of urgency.

The design process

  1. First, email us a rough brief. We will give you a rough estimate of the cost and propose a meeting time.
  2. We will arrange to meet with you for a face-to-face meeting (or online if you prefer).
  3. We will then prepare a formal Flat Fee Quotation that includes all the items you would like to include, and none of what you don’t need or want.
  4. We build the site, source images, install functionality, perform copyediting.
  5. You review and approve the site or make changes until satisfied.

We can advise on what will be the most cost-effective approach for your business. An update to text, plugins, graphics, and styling, is often what is better (and less expensive) than an entire website remake. We take seriously our duty of care to clients and are happy to advise without obligation.

For advice, please email your website and your questions

Ongoing Maintenance

The website we create will be designed for you to look after and manage, and the resources for you to understand how.

However, if you prefer to have someone else look after it, we can offer an affordable maintenance service. Maintenance will include running backups, updating software, and other items depending on the needs of your particular website.

Email for a rough estimate

Case Study

website case study picture of homepage

Narara Valley Medical is a family medical practice on the NSW Central Coast.

  • The visual brief for its website was to be minimal and colourful, but with focus on its business colour: blue.
  • The website needed to be responsive for users of mobile phones and tablets.
  • It needed to integrate with an online appointment booking system, and display when doctors are available or on leave.
  • The website was built with an Events calendar to show NSW Health days and health promotion messages.
  • There are also custom forms for specific types of feedback, and pricing tables that are responsive to the user’s technology.
  • The image slideshow is customisable and reflects the practice’s patient groups and types of medical services.
  • Accessibility icon provides options for web visitors who require modifications to the font size and colour to better access the information in the website.
  • MVMM also designed the Narara Valley Medical logo, and provided copywriting/editing for related material on the website, including a privacy policy.

The website was delivered with instruction videos and a personalised manual showing staff how to make edits text and images.

Email for a rough estimate