Ongoing Virtual Marketing

Ongoing Virtual Marketing

If you don’t have dedicated marketing person in-house — or you need a bit more support — I would love to help.

For a few hours each week, you can receive affordable and effective marketing support, without the cost of an agency.

Virtual Marketing Services

I provide strategic thinking with creative flair.

Virtual Marketing is the best of both worlds: the cost efficiencies of having lean, no-waste marketing, as well as a dedicated expert who understands and supports your business.

Dedicated Support Person

  • One contact person who will work to understand your unique business situation and opportunities.
  • You give one brief. It’s time-efficient and there are no ‘cross-wires’ through misunderstandings between ‘strategy’ advisers and ‘creatives’.
  • One flat-fee.  You won’t get any surprises. (Additional activities that fall outside the scope of work will be agreed beforehand.)
  • Get a customised marketing plan that is created for, and with, you. My plans are simple, effective and efficient.
  • Work is task-based, not time-based

No overheads

  • No long-term contracts
  • No superannuation, sick-leave or holiday pay
  • No expensive software and training needs
  • Scalable to your needs
  • 100% customisable for what you need, so no waste

Marketing Services Your Can Include

You have the option of including any of these tasks into your virtual marketing plan:


  • Website content
  • Company stories
  • Media Releases
  • Fact sheets and Case Studies
  • Blog Articles
  • Newspaper columns
  • Google Ads
  • Other advertisements

Graphic Design

  • Branding and stationery
  • Stickers, labels, merchandise
  • Social media assets
  • Brochures, flyers, postcards, and print management


  • Email newsletters to your Customers
  • Email marketing
  • Lead nurturing

Website Updates and Maintenance

  • Lead magnets
  • Search engine optimisation (ranking highly in Google and other online search results)
  • WordPress website maintenance
  • Social media content updates. We find and schedule daily posts to Twitter and Facebook to share news and articles of interest to your followers.

Every client is different. These options are flexible and tailored to your specific business objectives.

How it works

  1. Email a few details about your business and the support you are looking for.
  2. We make an appointment to meet at your office to discuss your needs in more detail.
  3. I prepare a simple plan with items you are looking for and an estimate of the time involved and any costs.
  4. We modify/agree on the marketing plan and the flat fee.
  5. I start providing content on time and schedule.
  6. You get an invoice every month or fortnight, your choice.
  7. You get a report each month with any relevant metrics.
  8. We discuss and modify the plan and content each month.

As a virtual service, communication is by email or, even better, your dedicated Slack channel.

Who can use My Virtual Marketing Manager?

I service only a small number of clients only so that quality and focus are kept optimal.

The service area is Sydney CBD and NSW Southern Highlands including Bowral, Moss Vale, Bundanoon, and the Southern villages.

I work with businesses, nonprofits and organisations of any size who are:

  • ethical
  • accessible for occasional meetings (including initial meeting)
  • have a minimum budget of $1200 per month
  • happy to operate electronically via Slack (or email) rather than by phone

Why choose My Virtual Marketing Manager?

Passion and Experience: Communications and marketing is my passion. I have worked in marketing and communications since 2000 and for businesses and organisations in the Southern Highlands since 2003.

Wide network: There is a wide network of web developers, coders, designers, and media professionals on hand.

I have tertiary and post-grad qualifications and am a disciplined marketer. But just as importantly,  I am constantly learning and am open to new ideas and information all the time through my networks.

No Competitors Policy: Within each geographical area, I will only serve one organisation in each category.

No direct competitors mean no conflict of interest. It also gives you the fair-and-square opportunity to be a leader of marketing in your category. If you become a client, any reasonable boundary that you set is exclusively yours.

Services I don’t provide

Sorry, but I don’t provide telemarketing, market research, feasibility studies, pricing analyses, or social media management (although I do offer social media content curation).