Virtual Marketing Service

Virtual Marketing Service

Why outsource your marketing?

As a small business owner, you’re reluctant to hire an extra marketing person. Better to use Jenny and ad marketing to her admin role.

You’re not going to use an advertising agency. You got a quote from pompous git called Trent once and nearly fell off the chair.

Having said that, you know that marketing is important. Really important. So, Jenny it is. New strategy: Jenny Does Marketing…the only thing is Jenny’s already busy and she can’t use Photoshop.


An outsourced (or virtual) marketing service gives you:

  • no overheads
  • no long-term contracts
  • no superannuation, sick-leave or holiday pay
  • scalable to your needs
  • no ‘cross-wires’ through misunderstandings between ‘strategy’ advisers and ‘creatives’. You only need to give one brief
  • one contact person who will work to understand your unique business situation and opportunities
  • on-hand advice about anything that comes up
  • 100% customisable for what you need, so no waste


Michael started with a Strategic Marketing Plan for his business, then a Logo Refresh so the brand matched his business goals. Now he maintains his marketing and promotions through the

He receives:

  • monthly print ad graphic design and writing (in conjunction with the key business objective at the time)
  • monthly website article on a topic/blog post (he approves it before it is posted)
  • social media content updates. We find and schedule daily posts to Twitter and Facebook to share news and articles of interest to your followers.

Options to Consider

You have the option of any of these elements:


  • Articles for websites
  • Google Ad campaigns
  • Campaign Strategies

Design and Printing

  • Branding and stationery
  • Stickers, labels, eBooks
  • Graphic design work (print or offline)


  • Email newsletters to your Customers
  • Email marketing


  • Website ranking enhancements (e.g. SEO)
  • WordPress website maintenance
  • Social media daily posts

These options are flexible. If there is anything else you need, we can organise this. Every client is different.

We are unable to do

We are unable to provide telemarketing, market research, feasibility studies, or pricing analysis.


We have a no-competition policy. Within each geographical area, we will only service one organisation in each category. That means if you have a psychology practice in Sydney CBD, we will not service another psychology practice within that same location. No direct competitors means no conflict of interest. It also gives you the fair-and-square opportunity to be a leader of marketing in your category. If you become a client, any reasonable boundary that you set with us is our no-go zone.



Danielle Spinks-Earl

BA Comm. M Mktg. Freelance writer, designer, marketing communications manager.