Technologically Challenged?

Technologically Challenged?

Client Ace Internet Services

Project Concept, Writing & Design (2007)

T3chnolo9ically Challenged?

At Ace, we use all the most cutting edge internet and telephone technology.

Wow. You don’t care, do you.

You just want it to be Easy.

That’s why we set things up for you,

explain it all in plain English

and make it so simple you’ll want to give us a kiss.

And it gets better.

We’ll let you.

Because even though we sometimes say we’re based in Mumbai,

we’re just crazy kidders.

We’re right here in Bowral!

And we’re rather good looking.*

Broadband Internet. Wireless Internet. Phone services. VoIP. Web Hosting.

Call 1300 360 979

*Subject to change without notice.