SIVA – The new marketing mix

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SIVA – The new marketing mix

Marketing has evolved over the decades. The power has shifted from the company to the consumer. In order to be successful, we need to adopt a customer-oriented or market-oriented approach.

The SIVA premise is this: This is where SIVA has been proposed. Developed by Dev and Schultz, SIVA is the Marketing 2.0 version of the old marketing paradigm.


SOLUTION: What need does the product or service meet? What pain is being relieved?


INFORMATION: Instead of the hard-sell, we inform. We give information to our target audience of the solution, your value proposition, and the accessibility features. Then they decide whether it is of value to them.


VALUE: When thinking about pricing, what value does this solution have for the consumer? How can value be added? It is good value if the reward exceeds the perceived burden of the price.


ACCESS: How would the customer find the solution? What is convenient for them? How do they want to access it? Where will we make this conveniently available?


SIVA for Services

In my opinion, SIVA is useful, especially for services for which customers don’t appreciate a hard sell. Items that are complex need simple explanations, not forceful ones.


You can describe features and benefits in clear and visual ways without coming across pushy or cheesy.


In some ways, SIVA is not a big departure from sales copywriting. The mechanics are the same as, say, the AUTHOR technique for landing page sales copy. AUTHOR expands things like the pain point and works well to define the problem.



Has your business benefited from taking this customer-oriented approach?



Photo by Jeremy Wermeille on Unsplash