1-Page Marketing Plans

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Many businesses don’t have a marketing plan. Those that do often say their plan is too complicated.

Not this one.


What is a 1-Page Marketing Plan?


The 1-page marketing plan achieves three important aims:

  1. Attracts leads

  2. Converts them into customers

  3. Gets them to refer new business


The 1-page marketing plan uses the template developed by Allan Dib. The template is a 9-square grid that covers the Before, During and After phases of your customer journey.


You can completely adjust and customise the template to suit your business and budget.


The Plan is effective and efficient. It specifically targets one customer segment with one message using the media of your choice.


The template shows you what systems and processes to put in place. Many of the systems can be implemented without cost.


This highly targeted method means your marketing is lean and there is no waste.


What Kind of Businesses Will It Work For?


The one-page marketing plan is especially effective for online and digital businesses and professional services.


By tailoring some of the squares, I can make a simplified version for small businesses of any type, including trades.


The plan is designed so you can easily manage it for the life of your business.


How Do I Get a 1-Page Marketing Plan?


I offer two types of one-page marketing plan services:


Plan Only and Plan with Marketing Elements


Plan Only consists of a 90-minute meeting (or 2 x 45 minutes meetings).


First, I research your market and competitors. During the meeting, we explore what might work — or not work — for your business. We discuss your business and develop your 9-square template and related actions together.


I  help you develop the actions to take, step-by-step, so that you have a simple and powerful plan to stick on your office wall.


You will get all my relevant intellectual property about what you can do for free (or cheap) to implement a successful marketing plan yourself.


After the meeting, you will be armed with a solid and simple plan within your budget.


You are then able to go and implement the plan and use the supporting elements of your choice.

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My goal is to get you 10 times the value for your business


Comprehensive Plan with All Marketing Elements

There are a number of elements involved in implementing a 1-page marketing plan.

These elements include items like lead magnets (to generate leads) and could include online advertising such as Google or Facebook ads.


The costs for these are highly variable so it always depends on your budget and objectives what will be right for you.

Some items you may want to develop yourself, such as designing, branding and messaging, a website or Facebook Page, email list building system, and a CRM (customer relationship management system).


This option is the Plan but also the implementation of each key element that will serve as your marketing infrastructure.


If you need a plan and the full shebang, I can prepare a customised quote for you after we have a chat.


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