My Virtual Marketing Manager helps services with telling their stories.

What do you do? How does it work? Why do you do it?

At core, this requires the right words.

Big Picture Planning

We can help you craft a Vision or Purpose statement, your value proposition, a catchy tagline, and even help with a positioning statement.

This is based on discussions with you and a look at the big picture (your competition, your category, your unique strengths), and the areas of opportunity.

Writing and Editing

Once the foundations are laid, we can produce content marketing to help tell your story.

This includes SEO research and writing in the form of your service’s or CEO’s blog, column, or other regular articles that show thought leadership, such as LinkedIn posts.

Graphic Design

To widely distribute your message to the people, we need to think visually. Infographics and images, animations, and videos all help communicate at a glance.

Pictures make it easier.

My Virtual Marketing Manager can create a tailored plan for you that is flexible and affordable for your service.

You can choose a one-off service or an ongoing virtual marketing service with integrated social media, public relations, copy and content writing, editing, graphic design, and your unique branding.

Thought Leader Package

Ask about our Thought Leader packages where we create an Editorial Calendar for you and deliver the content for your approval without you having to think about it.

With an Editorial Calendar, you can touch every type of stakeholder at every stage of the client journey – from Not Aware to Loyal Advocate.

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