Services Marketing

Services are not the same as products when it comes to marketing. We not only have the Product Service, Pricing, Placement (distribution) and Promotion.

We also need to consider People, Processes, and Physical evidence. Here is a selection of articles to help the marketing of your professional services.


What can you do when there's nothing to see, touch, or smell? Last week my car went in for registration. It failed. It needs a new air-conditioning belt. And a tensioning pulley - whatever that is. The funny thing was, I just had it replaced. And the pulley thing. So who has diddled who?
Gorgeous country villages like Marysvillein Victoria have always appealed to holidaymakers.
Everything your customer sees, hears, smells, and touches will affect their evaluation of the quality of your service.
Jhonnie Blampied makes a good point in the latest B&T - that creativity is more important in the offer than the way the offer is communicated.
The world's economy has changed over the millennium. It began as Agricultural, became Industrial, now a knowledge revolution has seen it become the age of the Services (or tertiary) sector.