Online Marketing

In terms of effectiveness and efficiency, it's hard to go past good ol' Google AdWords. Google prides itself on creating positive and relevant...

What is a QR Code?

Originally an innovation designed to track Toyota cars through the manufacturing process, QR codes have now spread worldwide. The patent holders (Denso) have decided not to license the technology meaning it is free to use.
In the past, I was managing nine websites for a company, all built in Joomla. So I did an extended course in Joomla over a few weekends. Do you know what I learned from the Joomla expert instructor? To use WordPress!
I cringed at first. I thought it was a gimmicky website that would replace elegant design work with awful DIY wallpaper and slowly wrest demand away from quality graphic designers. I wasn't keen. So I ignored it. To be honest, it didn't really grab my attention until veterans like Joan Stewart and Guy Kawasaki start promoting it. When those two get onto something, I listen. I tried it out. I liked it.

While checking your Facebook Newsfeed, you may have come across the Pantene #Whipit ad that has now officially 'gone viral'. Here's the background....

There are a few simple things any website owner can do to maximise their search engine muscle power. In other words, activities that will help you get found by search engines of the likes of Google, Yahoo! and Bing. These things are core, so don't neglect them.
What is the definition of marketing? There are many, but the best in our opinion is "satisfying needs profitably".
With the all spanners that the Internet and electronic tools and methodologies have thrown into the business landscape, what has happened to the four Ps of  marketing? They used to refer to Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Are these redundant now?
A few years ago, we gave our clients a five minute warning order when Google released its Panda algorithms. If you weren't socially networked, you needed to get your shoes on. Now the time has come. If you consider yourself an expert or opinion leader, you need to move on social networking. Now!
Pinterest is like setting up those magazine cut-out collages you used to do in high school. The dream house? The Ideal Man / Woman? Favourite celebrities?

The Basics of SEO and SEM

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) simply means gearing your website for good results  in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on.