Media & Publicity

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Media & Publicity

If you want wide exposure for your organisation, a media release (or multimedia release) is a great way to get your story picked up.

You might have a new service or product, an event, a milestone or announcement. If your story is worth telling, I can help you tell it. And find the media and the people who will share it.

There are two parts:

  • Writing the Media Release
  • Targeted Distribution

Preparing the Media Release

Writing good media releases is completely different to writing advertising material or product fact sheets.

Editors are not interested in hearing all about your new business, new product, or new location. That is advertising.

The trick is to tap into news that is broader. That means finding a newsworthy angle.

Virtually every organisation and business will have an angle that can turn their ‘promotional’ blurb into a strong article that will be of interest to a wide readership/listenership, and support their activities as well.

Good editorial publicity is gold.

I can prepare your media releases so that it is professional, engaging and compelling. Small businesses, organisations and individuals might be looking for publicity for activities. This can often be achieved with a small budget and a newsworthy angle.

You can also use the content for your own website.

Multimedia Releases

The world’s most widely understood language pictures.

You have options to include videos, images as well as audio and fact sheets with your media releases to really engage editors, reports and readers.


We can help you with sourcing images, and conducting photography, and/or making video.

Targeted Distribution

It’s unlikely your media releases will be for absolutely everyone. Together, we can target the type of industry publications and audiences that will give you the most value.

Those media include:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • TV
  • Radio
  • Bloggers

I use the industry leader, AAPMedia Net, to facilitate targeting and distribution. I also use other online distribution services and directly target your wish list for ideal placement. We can also append your own email list to the list of journalists, broadcasters and editors we will target to cover your story.

I also use other online distribution services that are free of charge.


There are different options to suit your budget and objectives

You will always read and approve the final version of the Media Release article, and approve the targeted distribution list, and the cost of the service.

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