Most people running a service or nonprofit don’t have the time or skills for marketing.

My Virtual Marketing Manager will guide you through the complex and ever-changing marketing landscape to help tell your story and reach your people. That way, we will build a personalised inbound marketing strategy that brings you results.

Imagine if you had a system of content marketing, social media, and online ads set up for you to fulfil your purpose.

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Strategy & Messaging

• Together, we create an effective marketing strategy based on what you want to achieve.
• Using StoryBrand, we craft the clearest and strongest message.

Build the Framework

• WordPress website and landing pages
• Refresh branding if needed
• Integrate your existing systems such as CRM and Email
• Lead Nurturing System elements such as forms, slides, video, email templates

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Choose the wheels for your inbound marketing system.

• Magazine-quality Content
• Branded Social Media
• Video and storytelling
• Email Marketing
• Online Advertising

No pushy sales calls, inbound gets people coming to you.

Who Do You Service?

My Virtual Marketing Manager works with services and nonprofits who seek to educate and inform, not to exploit. Your business will be one that benefits from inbound marketing and storytelling.

My Virtual Marketing Manager provides personal advice and guidance that is ongoing and tailored every step of the way. Through excellence in marketing strategy, writing and messaging, communications and digital media, we will create world-class marketing — made by you and me — that gets results.