How to Run a Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is still the gorilla of Social Media. It’s also cost-effective and can give you great return on marketing investment (ROMI).

There are a few ways you can run an ad campaign on Facebook.

The most simple and a ver commonly seen sight is the promoted pages ads. These aren’t visible on an iphone, but are the links you see in the right-hand sidebar when you’re on a computer.

Like Page

This is the most simple way is to promote the page.

In your Admin panel, click on the Build Audience tab and click Promote Page. Promote Page Likes

You can see a sample of what your ad would look like on the right.

Then choose your daily budget. The number of anticipated likes will appear next to each amount.

You can target who will see the ad by Country, State or city.

You can also select to limit ad impressions to Facebook users over 21 years.


Promote a Specific Post

You can also promote a Post. It may be one that links back to your website with an offer, for example.

To do this, scoll down to your Gear icon underneath your Page’s cover image.


Create ad

Select Create an Ad

Select the middle option > Promote a Post

The good news is that you can use a post you have already used before. I would stick to posts that have been popular. You can select it from a list of your past posts.

On the right hand side, a preview will show you what it should look like.

Some images don’t show up properly, for reasons unknown to me.

In that case, you could do what I have done and Write a New Post.

You get to decide whether to just add a photo or a status update, but that seems like a waste to me.

I would strongly recommend making it some kind of offer. Press the Offer tab

Now you get to write your headline. Try to stick to four or fewer words. Your cover image will show up by default. That might be okay. Depending on your objective.

Click Next when you’re happy.

Write new post


Now we get to play God and see how all those highly personalised ads keep appearing when we are on Facebook.

You can target by:

  • Location
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Type of phone handset,
  • Level of education,
  • Personal interests (e.g. wedding dresses),
  • Relationship status.

If I wanted, I could quite readily target 31 year-old females in California who have their own small business and are interested in wedding dresses because they are engaged and are having a birthday next week.

Facebook Data will also show you how many people are in the target audience, so you can adjust your parameters if need be.

Finally, set the pricing and scheduling of the campaign. Here you can also download some javascript to embed into your website page which will act as a ‘tracing pixel.’ This means Facebook – through its own analytics – can monitor how many conversions you are getting from your ad.

Advanced Options

Advanced settings for facebook adsThis section allows you a few treats like having up to six images to use at no extra cost. By tracking and seeing which photos for your ad are generating the most clicks, you’ll be able to calibrate the most effective ad campaign on the fly, from real data.

For no extra cost, you can also check the ‘Sponsored’ box and widen the audience.


Because branding and awareness campaigns are generally out of the budget for small businesses, I would go straight to the Offer. Set up some clear SMART objectives for the campaign first (specific, measurable, aligned to business, realistic, time-bound) and then create a bespoke page on your website. This is the landing page. Here you can include a redemption code to put into Facebook to take advantge of the offer, or you can leave this blank and funnel clickers done the sales funnel by encouraging them to perform an action there at your website (e.g. filling in a form / purchasing / etc).

If you prefer not to waste your time trying to set up and manage Facebook advertising campaign yourself, feel free to drop me a line.


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