How to Get Media Attention Without Hiring a PR Agency

Media stories about your business are more credible to customers than advertisements about you.


In addition, media exposure costs you nothing.


However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to get media attention.


Should you call the local newspaper and ask them to cover you?




Why do some companies get loads of media exposure? And other, better companies get none at all?


The answer is they are mediagenic!


How do you get media attention and publicity without it costing a fortune?


The good news is it’s relatively easy.


It is no secret.


The answer is in clear messaging and a clear solution to a problem.


When you back that up with images, video, audio, you have what the media want.


I have worked with companies that received valuable publicity worth in the tens-of-thousands.


I have prepared a manual to show you exactly what to do, even if you have little or no budget.

cover of how to get media without hiring a pr firms

This light and easy-to-action manual shows you:


  • How to craft your message so that it’s mediagenic
  • How to write and format a media release
  • How to find media reporters, journalists, and bloggers and build a relationship as an expert source
  • How to distribute the media release

Plus, there are examples of how everyday service providers can get valuable media attention.


Media and publicity is worth more than advertising.


The media is ready and waiting to cover your story.


Media and publicity are freely available — if you do it right.


Grab the manual and start getting the media attention you deserve.