Create a Facebook Landing Page

Landing pages are a great way to brand your business Facebook page.

This acts as a squeeze page. There is a strong call to action. The objective is to get people to press the Like button.

Good Examples


Great branding with a tie-in to their sponsorship of the X factor. Sexy. Very appealing to the target market. Not too much text. Bold and simple.
Racahel Goldsworthy Realty

Rachael Goldsworthy Realty

Note how the instruction and arrow at the top helps the reader perform the desired action, Click.

istock facebook


iStock photo’s landing page has a reason for pressing Like. Member benefits.

It would be stronger if it was more specific.

crazy domains facebook

Crazy Domains

Crazy uses Pamela Anderson as the promo girl for their discount web services. The tall banner on the left side is another neat feature that creates a story and helps build relationship with the viewer.

How To Do It

1. First we create our two images that will appear for non-fans, and another for Fans after they have pressed Like.

They should be 520 pixels wide and any height (but don’t make it too long).

Use an image editing program like Photoshop to create your message banner.

Include things like your logo, your company colors, a strong call to action and a reason for pressing Like.

strategic creative facebook

2. Then create your ‘Thank you’ or similar Welcome message for those who Like your page. Keep the dimensions the same.

3. Upload both of these images to a server online. This means you can upload them to your website, your blog, Flickr or other account. If you don’t have one, strategiccreative ┬ácan provide this service for you. Contact us

4. When you have uploaded these images, copy the URL from the browser.

5. Go to your Facebook page. Press Edit Page > Apps > searach for Static html iframe. It looks like a grey box with a white star shape in the centre.

Select your page and press Add to Page.

You will then notice this star appears under your page’s Apps.

static html

6. Press Edit

In the top box, type this code: <img src=http: and then paste in the URL for your first non-fan image. Then close the tag >

7. In the bottom window, do the same for the second image.

8. Press Preview to take a look.

Congratulations! You now have a Facebook landing page.

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