Facebook Makes It Easier to Run Contests

In August, Facebook finally made it easier for Pages to run their own contests or promotions.

Previously, contests had to be run using an App. They still can and there are advantages of using Apps, however, now Facebook Page administrators can run contests using the page itself.

Contests and promotions using apps offer more flexibility with design, personalisation, give more space and can include more sophisticated data which may appeal to large organisations. Having said that, many of the apps are too advanced for a basic contest and also have a price tag, plus take some learning to get used to. This is a very welcome change. The new rules also contain a few sensible aspects to make contests less insidiously viral.


New Facebook Contest Rules

Here are the new rules in a nutshell. The official rules are in a link below.

1. You can administer a promotion directly from a page. You no longer need to run it through an app.

2. Page promotions are faster and easier to setup and manage.

3. You CAN make entry into a promotion or contest by requesting a participant perform an action such as:

  • ‘Like’ the page
  • Message the Page
  • Comment on a page’s post

4. You CANNOT request entry by asking people to share something on their own timeline and you cannot ask them to share on a friend’s timeline either.

5. You CAN use the number of Likes as a form of voting.

6. You CANNOT TAG or encourage tagging in any content that doesn’t specifically depict that user.

7. You can also notify winners via Facebook.

You still must accept Facebook’s terms and conditions and comply to its other Facebook rules.

We recommend you read Facebook’s official page about running a competition, which has recently been updated on August 23 2013

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