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Adobe InDesign is been the kingpin of layout software.

That's a bold statement. But having used every version of Quark, Pagemaker and InDesign since 2000, I can say that InDesign CC is more powerful as well as easier to use than any other.

An ebook is a catch-all term for a file that can be read on an electronic device, such as a desktop computer, a...

Egyptian temples were filled with graphic art. Medieval navigation maps were full of symbols and imagery. Graphic design is not a new concept. The term itself may have been first coined in 1922, but graphic design has existed since the earliest cave art. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance saw the heavy use of heraldry--the armour, family, class, rank and pedigree. Cattle branding was used to show ownership and quality.

Accessible documents means everyone can access the information through assistive technology. Making accessible documents means following good design and the MATLOC principles. Here...

I cringed at first. I thought it was a gimmicky website that would replace elegant design work with awful DIY wallpaper and slowly wrest demand away from quality graphic designers. I wasn't keen. So I ignored it. To be honest, it didn't really grab my attention until veterans like Joan Stewart and Guy Kawasaki start promoting it. When those two get onto something, I listen. I tried it out. I liked it.

Adobe has created the interactive PDF and life need never be static again. Here's why it's wonderful (and a few things you should...