“For her Birthday Last Year”

Advertisement for a Children’s Savings Account

For her birthday last year,

money wizard, Donald Trump,

gave his mother:

an island in the Carribbean,

a red Ferrari convertible

and a two-hour foot massage

from Robert Redford

in a hot spa.

(Isn’t it time you opened your child’s MoneyBeans Account?)

MoneyBeans – Teaching children money skills



cloud computing ad copywriting and design

“Put your business in your own hands

Print Ad for Cloud Computing

Last year we did what we had always done.

We bought a computer for each of the staff and some software – email, word processing, the complex analysis package we use.

And licences for the software. And a server. And a separate room for the server because Brenda thought it made a droning, buzz sound.

Servers need to be kept cool anyway. Or they fry.

So we got a second server in case one fried. The power bills went through the roof. A big bank loan paid for it all, but like a new car you drive out of the showroom it was all  obsolete in, hmm, a week?

Security. I wanted to hire an IT person to look after security, but we’re small. I made Jimmy wear the IT hat instead. I just hoped he wouldn’t stuff it up too bad.

This year, I’m doing things differently. I’m keeping my feet on the ground and sticking my head in the clouds.

I want bullet-proof confidence and minimal expense. We’re getting the latest software, the best servers, top-end security. And we’re paying for nothing but a monthly subscription fee. It’s all in the cloud.

The great thing is that my smart phone is now like a mini-work station. So now I spend half the day in the office and the other half at the Milk Factory or Elephant Boy Cafe. These are my productive hours.

There is one downside, though. It’s created a fair bit of empty space in the office. Which means we need plants.

Lots of plants.

Find our of cloud computing might be good for your business…


ace internet print ad

“T3chnologicallz ChaJJenged?

Print Ad for Internet Service Provider

At ACE, we use the most cutting-edge Internet and telephony technology.

Wow. You don’t care, do you. You just want it to be Easy.

That’s why we set it all up for you, explain it all in plain English, and make it so simple you’ll want to give us a kiss.

And it gets better. We’ll let you.

Because even though we sometimes say we’re based in Mumbai, we’re just crazy kidders.

We’re right here in Bowral!

And we’re rather good looking.*

Broadband Internet. Wireless Internet. Phone Services. VoIP.

Call ———  Web———- Email———-

*Subject to change without notice


public relations brand ad

“Why School is More Fun than School Holidays”

After Easter, 1,600 local students will go to NASA’s Digital Universe for Science class.

They will experience a 3D tour of Egypt as part of Ancient History.

Biology might be an interactive lesson at the world’s largest underwater aquarium.

And Australian Studies might mean a trudge through the trenches at Gallipoli.

How is this possible?

Through the engineering expertise of Ace Internet Services and technicians of HHERN and the Australian Academic Research Network.

For any home or business internet or computing needs, talk to Ace first.

Phone number. Wed address. QR Code.