Commonwealth Bank creatively targets niche university student segment

comm bank coffee campaign

Commonwealth Bank creatively targets niche university student segment

Commonwealth Bank has devised a creative campaign utilising probably the most universal of touchpoints for reaching university students – the disposable coffee cup.

Whether it is for hot chocolate, tea, chai latte or the generally preferred non-dairy double shot soy flat white, this campaign is sure to be seen, felt, and noticed by students across Australia and New Zealand and shows how social media can be just as effective offline as on.

A two-colour print has been used on the cups and encourages students to answer a simple mathematics problem to win a Macbook Air.

Nice choice of prize considering the target market. It is also not stretching the budget given the banking giant generated $7.1 billion net profit last financial year.

The objective of the campaign is to reach the best and brightest and encourage applicants to its Graduate programs and summer internships.

The maths question reads, “Lee spent ¾ of his cash on a concert ticket, and used  ¾ of the rest to buy lunch.  He now has $6. How much did he start with?”

The question is multiple choice and there are five answers to choose from:

  • $24
  • $48
  • $96
  • $144
  • $122

To submit the answer, Commonwealth Bank has developed a very simple mobile mini-site. Both a QR code and a short URL to link to are printed on the coffee cup.

This is a great example of making it easy for respondents to engage with you, creating some reward and promoting your product or service at the same time.

After submitting the correct answer, fields for name, email address and mobile number are displayed.

The competition is drawn in less than two weeks from the one I entered, which is not too long to wait – another plus.

The site then naturally flows into easily digestible information about Summer Internships and Graduate Program eligibility criteria and key dates, as well as some of the business areas in which a career at CBA could include.

Previously, coffee cup advertising has been conducted by ING Direct, BankWest and Westpac in the banking category.

I have been waiting for a company to do a good coffee cup campaign well and this is the best I have seen yet. I will be interested in seeing the results, which I will post later.

Thumbs up from me.

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