The brand prism consists of six facets, some are in the control of you, the company, others are on the receiving side of your clients and customers. This is what it looks like....

In 2004, researchers at Baylor College recruited 67 people. They took them into the biomedical laboratory and divided them into four groups. All groups were asked the same question about two almost identical cultural products.

About this Case

Yahoo! was born in the early 1990s, surrounded by empty pizza boxes. It was the brainchild of founders David Filo and Jerry Yang, computer science PhD students.

This article looks at the challenges of creating an enduring sports sponsorship partnership. The difficulties involve finding ‘strategic fit’, articulating this well and then leveraging and activating the association for both parties. The investment – both financial and in-kind - is seen as a significant stumbling block as is the need to thoroughly enmesh two separate organisations and proactively align their goals and activities.

Virgin. Apple. Red Balloon. IKEA. The Body Shop. The strongest brands in the world all share one thing in common.They were pioneered by one person's vision and are a direct reflection of that person's strengths and values. In other words, they are AUTHENTIC. We have...