Brand Identity

graphic designer at a desk
Your business identity is important for so many reasons.


A strong visual identity is important for people to recognise that it’s you.


Business Identity helps set you apart from other organisations. Combined with a strong tagline that you provide (or I can help you with), your identity is a clear signal of differentiation.

Clues to Personality and Quality

The identity also provides an insight into the personality of your business and the quality that can be expected.

Business Identity Design Process

First, I will take a brief from you about the identity and the heart of the business. Then I’ll do my research and design a number of logos or ‘brand marks’ for you to choose from. You can make modifications and tweaks to any of these.

When you are happy with your choice, I’ll provide you with:

  • Colour and blank-and-white versions
  • Versions to suit different shapes and sizes
  • High quality print versions, as well as files for websites and emails
  • A Style Guide to show you how to use the brand identity and which logo to choose in different situations
  • The typeface (fonts) that best reflect your business
  • Colour palette to retain strong visual identity that will work well across different media , such as fax, email, letterhead, website

Business Identity Package

Business Identity design includes:

  • Logo design roughs and finals
  • Ready-to-print Business Card design
  • Letterhead
  • With Compliments
  • Style Guide
  • Anything else specific that you require (e.g. Word document electronic letterhead templates)
  • All supplied to you on a handy USB stick


I will also supply you with free high quality for business cards to thank you for the work.

See examples of other Business Identities I have created.

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