Brand Creation

Brand Creation


Virgin. Apple. Red Balloon. IKEA. The Body Shop.

The strongest brands in the world all share one thing in common.

They were pioneered by one person’s vision and are a direct reflection of that person’s strengths and values.

In other words, they are AUTHENTIC.

Brands are powerful. My Virtual Marketing Manager has created a model that will guide you through the steps of creating your business’s most valuable asset: your brand.

What is a Brand?

Your brand is not just your logo. This is only the physical aspect – the identifier. It’s your mark of promise that you can deliver and you will exceed expectations.

Your brand is much more than just the physical dimensions of your logo, colour, symbol and typeface.

It is also your company’s:

  • Personality
  • Culture
  • Relationships with customers
  • Deep  insights into your customer
  • Means of conveying their Ideal Self-Image

This is why we don’t just do logos (although we do that as well), but we take a multi-faceted wholistic approach.

After all, a logo is the coded identity of our business.

We have to understand our vision, our story, our personality, our difference and our value proposition before we can encode it into our logo.

Sound arduous? It isn’t. It is an uplifting and thought provoking process covered in one or two consultations before our designers get cracking.


What You Get

This is a collaborative process which results in:

  • Ideal Customer Personas
  • Perceptual Map of Competitor Positions
  • Your Positioning Strategy (where your brand should sit in the mind and heart of your customer)
  • Your Brand’s Personality, Mission and Vision
  • Your Brand Story (long version and short version). This can be used on your website, brochure and any other company material.
  • High Quality Logo
  • Versions for print and web in multiple formats (.pdf, jpg, eps)


Comprehensive Brand Package

Get all of the insights and development aboave, as well as stationery and collateral you can use right away.

  • Professional Style Guide to maintain consistent usage
  • Letterhead for Electronic Documents
  • Quote, Invoice & Terms of Service Documents
  • 500 Business Cards
  • 2,500 DL Marketing Cards
  • Analysis of Customer Experience
  • Customer Relationship-Building tools
  • Artwork, Printing, GST and Delivery

We use the principle of new strategic brand management championed by Jean-Noel Kapferer and combine it with Applied Psychology and graphic design to give you everything you need.

A true brand gives your business a higher purpose and you greater satisfaction.

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