Strategic Marketing Tools

Management tools, tips and free resources for marketing planning and implementation using best practices.

Ten Practical Neuromarketing Insights You Can Use Right Now - Neuromarketing studies using physiological metrics such as eye tracking, heart rates, pupil dilation, sweat glands, EEGs and MRI scans. Includes… Continue reading
Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits and Charities - Thanks to a gentle side of the giant, nonprofit organisations and charities across many countries, including Australia, are able to… Continue reading
How to Create A Content Marketing Strategy - How to create a content marketing strategy that is mindful of your six markets, extending the promotional mix, and how… Continue reading
muscly torso Tips to Improve your Website SEO - Give your website core SEO muscles by following these simple and fundamental on-page SEO tips for headings, word count, images… Continue reading
SMART CALENDAR SMART Marketing Calendar - How do you plan your marketing calendar? By keeping focused on your business objectives. Continue reading
The Balanced Score Card - Looking at only financial metrics can lead to myopic and dysfunctional decision making. The Balanced Score Card focuses on four… Continue reading
orientation eMarketing: New Ways to Add Value - With the all spanners that the Internet and electronic tools and methodologies have thrown into the business landscape, what has… Continue reading
blue ocean Blue Ocean Strategy - Three years after the book, Blue Ocean Strategy was published, Indian motor car maker, Tata Group, pulled the same trick… Continue reading
blueprints How & Why to Use Service Blueprinting - Service blueprinting helps an organisation understand the ideal service experience and evaluate its competitive positioning. What is the desired service… Continue reading
servicescape - Mary Kay China Designing Servicescapes - Create the optimal service experience for your target customer through the clever manipulation of colour, sound, smell, touch and taste. Continue reading

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