Strategic Marketing Articles

Marketing and Business Strategy articles from international journals and featuring world’s best thinkers on strategic marketing including Aaker, Keller, Kapferer, Ries, Trout, Kotler, Percy, and Cravens.

carpark in China Australia Should Prepare for Electric Shock Treatment - To establish a place in the radically changing world, Australia needs clarity around key issues like electric vehicles. Continue reading
person at laptop with social media on screen How to Better Use Social Media For Business - Different social media have strengths and purposes. These tips will help you be effective and efficient with your social media… Continue reading
How to Get Huge Publicity on a Shoestring - Those who are budget-strapped can get thousands of dollars in free publicity with simple tricks from Joan Stewart, the Publicity… Continue reading
picture of a hand writing How to write a more effective media release - Who. What. When. Where. Why and How. I learned it 20 years ago. Still the formula, right? Sure, but you… Continue reading
How to Innovate If You’re a Service Business - The Prime Minister announced $1.1 billion to foster innovation in Australia. But how do you innovate when you're a service… Continue reading
Salvoas red bucket Branding Nonprofits – Case Study of ‘The Salvos’ - A look at the differences between commercial and nonprofit brands with a view for guiding nonprofits, using the Salvos as… Continue reading
Marketing Warfare Marketing Warfare - "Marketing battles are fought in a mean and ugly place. A place that's dark and damp with much unexplored territory… Continue reading
Ten Practical Neuromarketing Insights You Can Use Right Now - Neuromarketing studies using physiological metrics such as eye tracking, heart rates, pupil dilation, sweat glands, EEGs and MRI scans. Includes… Continue reading
Value How to Add Value to your E-Business - How to add a unique value to your e-business Continue reading
How to Create A Content Marketing Strategy - How to create a content marketing strategy that is mindful of your six markets, extending the promotional mix, and how… Continue reading

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