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Ralph Lauren POLO brand identity prism The Brand Identity Prism - The brand prism consists of six facets, some are in the control of you, the company, others are on the… Continue reading
bottle of chanel no 5 What is a Brand? - A brand is the set of perceptions that are unlocked by your name, your symbol, or your signifiers. Continue reading
Salvoas red bucket Branding Nonprofits – Case Study of ‘The Salvos’ - A look at the differences between commercial and nonprofit brands with a view for guiding nonprofits, using the Salvos as… Continue reading
Ten Practical Neuromarketing Insights You Can Use Right Now - Neuromarketing studies using physiological metrics such as eye tracking, heart rates, pupil dilation, sweat glands, EEGs and MRI scans. Includes… Continue reading
lawrence anthony The Elephant Whisperer - The passing of Elephant Whisperer, Lawrence Anthony, inexplicably resulted in two herds of wild elephants making the 12 hour walk… Continue reading
Cola in a glass A Classic Neuromarketing Experiment - In 2004, researchers at Baylor College recruited 67 people. They took them into the biomedical laboratory and divided them into… Continue reading
Brands Behaving Badly - From the sublimely irresponsible to the ridiculously silly, here is a subjective assessment of three companies involved in particularly bad… Continue reading
Campaign Deconstruction: Pantene Whipit - While checking your Facebook Newsfeed, you may have come across the Pantene #Whipit ad that has now officially 'gone viral'.… Continue reading
messy chessboard Cheap Tactics - Now, you’ve plotted your vision on the map, you know your engine pretty well or at least you know what… Continue reading
super businesswoman Small Business. Super-sized Brand - Just because you're a small business, doesn't mean you can't have a super-size brand. Tips for those entrepreneurs who want… Continue reading

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