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Branding Nonprofits – Case Study of ‘The Salvos’

Branding Nonprofits – Case Study of ‘The Salvos’

Nonprofits face many difficulties when branding. Some of these are unique as the value proposition for a nonprofit is unique to that sector. It is a social exchange with an intangible, higher-order reward as its value proposition. The key issues are values and vision, trust and transparency, organisational culture and structure. More

I added a voice to my articles

I added a voice to my articles

A few days ago I received an interesting email. The person told me she enjoyed reading my articles but had some problems with her eyesight. She asked if I might add a voice option to make it easier for her to read.

While I believe in accessibility, I have to admit, was news to me.

She sent me a couple of links to free services that could do it. I tried the top one and now have the voice button at the top of most of my articles.

The website it came from is called websitevoice.com 

It was fast and easy to set up by adding a plugin to my website and then choosing the voice. I won’t go into any instructions as to how you do it because the website has simple steps to follow so you are better to have a look. (This sounds like an ad, but I really have no affiliation with this company.)

I chose a female American voice, simply because her voice is deeper (like mine) and I liked her sound better than the Australian or British voices when I listened to the demo.

The diction and cadence is not perfect. But it is not robotic. You can listen by pressing the black audio button on the top left.

Give it a try.

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