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About My Virtual Marketing Manager

Most people in business don’t the time or skills to do marketing. Or they dislike marketing and don’t want to be salesy or pushy.

My Virtual Marketing Manager works with  limited number of clients at a time to build their businesses by creating a personalised marketing machine.

If your business contributes something positive to the world, would benefit from content that tells stories about your service and how it makes life better, and are interested in having clients and customers pull toward you, rather t rather than you pushing out to them, let’s talk.

Hi, I’m Dani.

There are plenty of marketing people who don’t have any qualifications or training and see that as a strength. I am not one of them.

• I have 20 years of experience in communications, journalism, and marketing.

• My experience has come from the most complex industries— Banking, Technology, and Healthcare/Medicine —simplifying strategies, strengthening corporate voice, and clarifying messages.

• It was exhilirating helping to secure millions of dollars in venture capital for high-speed rail; successfully lobbying for PBS listings of crucial new drugs; selling the entire contents of the old Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre through PR and social media.

danielle spinks-earl

Master of Marketing (Monash University, Victoria)

Bachelor of Communications and Media Arts (University of Newcastle, NSW)

Diploma of Freelance Journalism (Australian School of Journalism)