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The mission of My Virtual Marketing Manager is to help business leaders:

Differentiate in even the most cluttered industry.  You are Unique.

Be Clear, Eloquent and Compelling in how you express things.

Stand for Something Real: that will resonate and be authentic.


These things are the job of Strategy. Branding. Messaging. And Creativity.

My Virtual Marketing Manager is a frequently updated knowledge base of articles, resources, tips, and tactics to help you learn to make your marketing communications simpler and more effective.


Although many of the suggested products and services are free, some have a fee, and some of these I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase. All of these affiliate links are to services I have used and genuinely recommend.


My Virtual Marketing Manager was founded by Danielle Spinks, an award-winning copywriter with 20 years of experience in communications, journalism, and marketing. Danielle has helped secure millions of dollars in venture capital and has helped successfully lobby for PBS listings of crucial new drugs. She has developed cut-through B2B campaigns in the saturated IT market, and managed corporate creative and campaigns for a member-owned bank during global financial crisis.

Danielle has worked in the world’s most complex industries— Banking, Technology, and Medical —strengthening the corporate voice, strategies, and messaging.

With a communications and journalism background, Danielle understands the difference between what is a good story and what is a newsworthy story. She has helped produce content for both media and brands that have achieved both aims.

Her client work has appeared in a broad array of national, local and international media—both print and digital. Her freelance writing–both fiction and nonfiction–has been widely published.

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Master of Marketing (Monash University, Victoria)

Bachelor of Communications and Media Arts (University of Newcastle, NSW)

Diploma of Freelance Journalism (Australian School of Journalism)