Marketing Strategy

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

The art of war and a good marketing strategy have a lot in common. It is about understanding your strengths and weaknesses, studying your competitors, and positioning everyone on the battlefield of the human mind.

  • Your Marketing Strategy is the blueprint for your actions.

It should clarify everything about who you are and what you do and for whom. It’s a must have.

Here are the components:

Situation Analysis

  • Industry
  • Competitors
  • Customers – Behaviour and Psychology
  • Your Business
  • Your Resources
  • Your Strengths
  • Your Customer Value Proposition
  • Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • How you can use your Strengths to exploit Opportunities, Minimise Weaknesses and Block the Threats

The Vision

The inspiring and energising lifeblood of the organisation

  • Your mission and vision. Your Story.

Creative Platform

  • The Message
  • Flavour (funny, smart, minimal, teasing, blunt, emotive, fearful, solving)

Promotional Strategy & Calendar

  • Reaching our target customer- in the most cost-effective way possible


  • Is it working?


  • How much will it cost?
  • What will the investment deliver?
  • How much money will our investment return?

We can create Marketing Strategies within any budget.

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Brand Marks

Since early mankind, people have used symbols to distinguish their individuality, their clan, their territory, and strength – from cave paintings to flags, to the marks on a beast, to the label on your clothing. They arouse emotion and trigger recall. They are both a mark of trust and a promise. That’s why it’s worth investing in a solid brandmark. Continue reading