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World-class marketing — made by you

You provide a service and want to educate and inspire, not to exploit.

My Virtual Marketing Manager is a blog for people who want to create their own world-class marketing.
Learn how to devise a masterful Marketing Strategy.
Get clear on your Brand Story and Messaging.
Connect with your tribe through the jungle of Digital Marketing and Communications.

If you want extra help, you can hire me. I’m available for Consultations, Projects, and Ongoing marketing support.

My Virtual Marketing Manager

Clarity trumps persuasion.
A story enjoyed is a story remembered.
Media arts and digital tools help people share.

 My best-kept secrets of the marketing jungle, shared.

Learn from my Articles. Manuals. How-Tos. Templates. Cheat Sheets. Case studies. Videos. Or Hire Me.



What’s the Big Picture? I can help you identify your strengths and opportunities, find your niche, and defend your territory.


Words are your secret weapons. Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? Excavate the key messages that underpin your marketing.



Creativity is the enchantment of the jungle.  Tips about technology, design, images, digital tools so you can create world-class marketing.



The network of Content, Email, Social Media, Advertising, and Google is the mycelium of the jungle. Can you speak WordPress? This is its native tongue.

INTENTION: How to create an effective Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition to set your business on the right path.

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