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Welcome to My Virtual Marketing Manager

You have a brilliant innovation. It will make a positive impact.
It might be in Health, Medicine, or Sustainability.

You want marketing to educate and enrich. Not to exploit.

If you need help with your Marketing Strategy, prepare to feel electrified.

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I do Marketing Strategy.

Marketing has the power to make big positive impacts.
I can give you an educated outsider’s perspective. It will come with solid theory, market fundamentals, best practice, discipline, ideas, and creativity.

Your Marketing Strategy covers key elements including: the market need and landscape; competitor analysis; customers; positioning strategy; messaging; value proposition; copywriting and content writing for media and publicity.

Alongside the marketing strategy, I can prepare you an action plan of exactly what steps to take.

I don’t only do marketing strategy.

I Write.

I Write.

I Write: Powerful media releases that get picked up. I do copywriting (sales) and content writing (educational). For example, I write online articles about customer stories, product information landing pages, founder profiles, educational topics, campaign creative, ads, tagline, value propositions, web pages, video script… Phew. I also write for places like The Startup, UX Collective and Medium.

I Design.

I Design.

I Design. I do graphic design and web design. Proficient with Adobe Creative Suite including InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Premiere, Spark. I have used WordPress since 2008 and have designed hundreds of wp websites, as well as logos and business stationery, brand style guides, brochures, slidedecks, pitchdecks, posters, folders, and signage. Have a look.
I Code.

I Code.

I Code. I speak WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, some Javascript, Analytics. Goodle Ads, SEO, keywords, and a few developer tricks. I can often solve technical issues and give massive pain relief.
I Deliver.

I Deliver.

I Deliver. I have a strong work ethic. Great reviews. Nearly 20 years experience. And post-grad qualifications. I’m contactable and have a passion for marketing communication.

World-class marketing for your world-changing idea.

Agency standard, without the price tag. One contact person, flat fees.

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If you struggle to get media attention, I can help you craft a compelling Media (or Multimedia) Release that journalists and editors love, using:

• Storytelling techniques

• Graphics and video

• Newsworthy hooks

• Australia’s best media distribution list

INTENTION: How to create an effective Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition to set your business on the right path.


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A library of articles, tools and templates for marketing and communication best practices.

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