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Need a virtual marketing manager?

Do you need an experienced, talented and reliable communications/marketing person to help you at work?

With almost 20 years experience in corporate communications and marketing, I can help you with:

  • Copywriting, editing, proofreading
  • Graphic and creative design
  • WordPress website design
  • Publication design (electronic publishing such as interactive PDFs and eBook formats)
  • Print management (for books, booklets, brochures, reports, magazines, you name it)
  • Media and publicity

My Virtual Marketing Manager is an integrated outsourced marketing solution if you don’t have dedicated marketing staff in-house, or you need more help.

You pay a fixed monthly retainer that suits your marketing objectives and your budget. The service comes with a free marketing strategy and action plan developed for and with you.

You might want to know that you will get a champion of accessibility.

Did I mention affordable? And flat fees?

If you are not looking to outsource a project, there are loads of articles I have written about all sorts of aspects of marketing and communications while I was completing my Master’s degree. Take a look through the Knowledge Base.

If you need a hand, please get in touch.


Publication Design

Publication Design

Elegant design, layout, image sourcing and production of your books, reports, clinical guides, and magazines. I can manage your print, and digital, publications, including the extra steps needed to make the material accessible for those using assistive technology.

Media & Publicity

Media & Publicity

If you want wide exposure for your organisation, a media release (or multimedia release) is a great way to get your story picked up. If your story is worth telling, I can help you tell it. And find the media and the people who will share it.

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