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Master your marketing and thrive.

This website contains a vast collection of articles, tools, tips, and best practices — all based on core marketing principles — to help you master your marketing and thrive. My mission is to help you make marketing communications that are simpler, more effective, and speak from the heart of your brand.


Articles about strategic marketing to help you develop a good framework.


Brands have six dimensions. Logo is just one of them. Do branding right and you'll create your most valuable asset.


Business copywriting should be eloquent and persuasive, but the most important thing of all is to be CLEAR.


Tools to help your design and creative marketing. From layout principles to accessibility.

Want Media and Publicity?

A lot of people talk about ‘storytelling’ and the importance of media and publicity.

If you struggle to get media attention, it may be that your storytelling isn’t newsworthy storytelling.

Here is the lowdown

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Services Marketing

Services Marketing

It’s not just about selling widgets. We’re in a Services economy. Insights and articles to help the marketing of your service.

International Marketing

International Marketing

Fresh insights from business and marketing examples from around the world including USA, UK, Europe, Australia, China.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Everything you need to know about WordPress, content marketing, SEO, ranking on Google, and strategic use of social media.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Case studies of companies, people, and organisations that give us useful examples to learn from.

Simpler, more effective marketing communications that speak from the heart of your brand.