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My Virtual Marketing Manager

Strategic Thinking with Creative Flair.

Simple and effective marketing communications that speak from the heart of your brand — without the expensive agency cost.

I  offer affordable rates for:

• Ongoing outsourced marketing if you don’t want to hire staff but want some extra support.

• One-page marketing plans for you to get customers, keep customers, and turn them into referrers

• Graphic Design, Copywriting, Website Design, Public Relations, Advice…

• If you’re not sure what you need, let me know when you’ re free and we can book a phone meeting

If you’re not looking for support right now, this website contains loads of articles, tools, tips, and best practices. The content is all based on core marketing principles to help you master your own marketing and thrive.

Go well.

Outsourced Marketing

Outsource your marketing to someone who gets to know your business. Get strategic thinking and creative flair for an affordable retainer.

1-Page Marketing Plans

Simple, effective, efficient. Choose a Plan Only or Plan with all the marketing elements set up for you.

Website Design

WordPress is perfect for web design due to its famously simple back-end. That means when you get a finished website, you can manage it yourself.

Want Media and Publicity?

If you struggle to get media attention, I can help you craft a compelling Media (or Multimedia) Release that journalists and editor’s love, using:

• Storytelling techniques

• Graphics and video

• Newsworthy hook

• Australia’s best media distribution list

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INTENTION: How to create an effective Mission, Vision, and Value Proposition to set your business on the right path.



Simpler, more effective marketing communications that speak from the heart of your brand.