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I work with general practices, healthcare businesses, community and disability services, governments, for-purpose brands, and marketing agencies.

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What’s the Big Picture? I can help you identify your strengths and opportunities, find your niche, and defend your territory.


Words are your secret weapon. Who are you? What do you do? Why do you do it? Excavate the key messages that underpin your marketing.


Creativity is the enchantment of the jungle.  Tips about technology, design, images, digital tools so you can create world-class marketing.



The network of Content, Email, Social Media, Advertising, and Google is the mycelium of the jungle. Do you include the 20 per cent of people with disability? I can show you how.

Free learning resources to help you create world-class marketing – made by you.

Recent Posts

Creating a Patient-Centred Marketing Campaign for an Insulin Needle

A case story showing how person-centred marketing can be a cause for good. Showing the middle finger to stigma of type 2 diabetes.

How I Write Patient-Centred Medical Articles 

Medical writing that is patient-centred builds a bridge to the patient and provides trustworthy, easy to understand information. The goal is engagement and empowerment in their healthcare decision. This leads to better health outcomes.

How to Build Trust if You’re a Service, not a Product

How to build trust when your a service, not a product. How can you build trust when there’s nothing to see, touch, or smell? These guidelines will help you.

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